Crescere - Italian, meaning to grow or to cultivate.

Crescere was developed during a very special time in my life. I was "growing", changing, cultivating a new life for myself. I needed to find a way to be happy and so I baked.  Watching eggs, butter and sugar "grow" into something so delicious and comforting got me to where I needed to be.

Everything about baking is good. My grandmother and mother taught me that. The aromas, the taste and how it brings friends and families together in good and in bad times. Growing up in an italian family, there was always something sweet and freshly baked in the house. A biscotti or a piece of cake always followed dinner. I watched, listened and tried to pick up every secret ingredient and secret method that they used. I still enjoy baking with my mom and recreating some of my grandmother's recipes.

My family has spent plenty of hours in and around the kitchen laughing, talking, crying and growing. I hope you enjoy what I can offer you and always know that it was created with lots of love and family in mind.

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